Uncapped business hosting means that you will not receive any additional or surprise billing with regards your hosting. You create as many email addresses as you require (subject to fair use, as below) and you can have many thousands of visitors to your website each month – at no additional costs.free-web-design-quote

The fair use for an R79 (R59/15th) uncapped business hosting account means that clients receive  as much bandwidth and server resources as is required by 50% of all micro and small businesses in South Africa. The exact amount of resources vary from month to month, but seems to be constantly on the rise (increasing)

If your need exceed the average limits, the next fair use levels are 60% of all small businesses, then 75% of all small businesses. After that we offer individual servers from as little as R999 (us$66) per month. The next step up is faster servers, with more resources (up to un-metered 4TB/50TB). After that we offer tailor made cloud systems and we also offer assistance with your horizontal scaling migration.

Need a super fast super scalable website? – We offer dedicated custom website hosting. On a “per unit”  basis  @R390 per unit, per month! Each single unit has own IPv4 & IPv6 number, each unit could for example be a dedicated web server, including SSL, 2x High Speed CPU cores, 1000 Mbit @2TB) – Unit grouping at 8 Units (containers) – 50 Super Groups per Formation.  (We do not use AWS or any third party cloud provider, we use our own cloud technology) You can theoretically scale to unlimited number of formations.

1 = Unit

8 Units = 1x Container

50 Containers = 1x Formation

Units start from R390 per unit, Containers and Formations pricing on request.



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