We do not and will not, under any circumstances host pornography, whether child pornography or “legal” pornography for any client.

Should we find a client has added such content to their domain name, our Terms & Conditions of service are very clear: We will delete your domain and with no notice.

We also do not host SPAMMERS (People who send unsolcited bulk emails)

We also do DELETE domain names if you do not pay your yearly domain renewal fees.

So, we are not the correct company to deal with if you want to host pornography, sex workers, spammers or if you plan on not paying your fees.

We also reserve the right to refuse service to pyramid schemes or financial scams, ponzi schemes and/or any other criminal or illegal enterprise.

No amount of complaining or listing us on websites like https://hellopeter.com will do you any good, as we do not care.

We will not be extorted into paying any membership fee to belong to any “consumer” website.

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