Regular payments are required to renew domain names (yearly, every twelve months) and regular payments are required to pay for domain name hosting (Website, Email, Servers, Security, Data Storage, etc) Clients can elect to pay for hosting services on a yearly (every 12 months) or monthly (every 30 days)

Monthly Hosting Fee

If a client payment clears in our bank account on the 15th of any month (using a stop order or recurring payment) then that client is eligible for a discount. (For example: Uncapped Business Hosting: R59 instead of R79) Or single 12 core, 256GB Ram, 1TB SSD/6TB SATA, un-metered 5Mb/s server R1499 instead of R1999

Yearly Hosting Fee

If a client pays yearly hosting on or before the due date the client may take a discount on the fee (For example: Uncapped Business Hosting: R79x11=R869 – If, during the next year the Client pays 30 days prior to renewal then client may take R220 discount and pay only R649 (R59x11)) If a yearly hosting client does not pay the yearly hosting fee after the due date, the domain hosting may be suspended or deleted at any time.

Yearly Domain Name Renewal Fee

Hosting clients in good standing are billed R59 per or domain name, per year (R149 per .com, .net or .org). The yearly domain renewal fee has to be paid (cleared in bank account) 24 hours prior to the expiry date of the domain name being paid and the payment reference has to be the domain name itself.

Non Hosting clients are billed between R149 and R621 for each domain name per year depending on the rate offered that non hosting client in writing. The rate offered is only valid for the day (24 hour period) on which the offer was made.

Non payment of the yearly domain name fee results in the suspension of the domain name.  It is possible to renew a suspended domain name for a period of 14 (fourteen) days after the domain expiry date. (.com R389, .org R417 R621 )

If any domain name is not paid on expiry date and renewed then it is deleted and may be registered by anyone else.

Monthly Hosting Fee

If the client has configured an automated recurring payment exactly on the 15th of each month, the client may claim the discount related to the hosting product. Discounts are available on all hosting products (and servers)

If a client does not pay exactly on the 15th of each month then the normal hosting charge is applied.

If a client does not pay the normal hosting charge and a second period hosting billing is charged then the client has 7 (seven) days to settle both hosting period Invoices. Non paid monthly hosting is automatically converted to yearly billing or daily hosting rates.

If a client does not pay hosting period charges then the hosting is converted to yearly hosting and the hosting account could be suspended or deleted. If the client does not pay the yearly hosting the hosting account and all data is deleted at any time.

Any fees over or under paid by any client will be converted to daily hosting rates and any payments made by clients in arrears will be either converted to daily hosting rates or deducted from the outstanding amounts due.



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